Levels by Erzherzog

Downfall Of Rome ?

Battle of Cannae

World War I

Battle of Königsgrätz

War of Continents

one district of Vienna

erz' Battle of Continents I.

5 Tribes

take 4!

Civilwar in Austria-Hungary

Battlefield simple, multiattack


Celtic Domination

Punic Domination

Roman Domination

Egyptian Domination

Hun Domination

2030 WorldWar III (3 Teams)

Fight for Stalingrad

my Wood is my Castle

Battle I

erzBattle II

erzBattle III.

erzBattle IV.

erzBattle V.

Poland for the Poles!

erzBattle VI.

erzBattle VII.

D-Day - smash the Nazis!

Overkill Destruction

Another Brick in the Trumpwall

Migration Period (Vandals side)

Battlefield Vienna IV

Ring of Margareten

erz Battle VIII

you're the General - A

you're the General - B

you're the General - C

you're the General - D

the little ones (Slovakian side)

you're the general - E

Corona Virus

hit me thrice! the 3rd

you're the General! - F