Levels by Bobby

Swiss invasion 2

duel an al 2

duel an al 3

new western front 1916

attack from canada

rommel vs montgommery

d day

western front medium 1914

Ireland and scotland vs england

the second world war 1940 euro africa

Mexican American war

world war two 1942

german invasion of france and britain

alternate world war one, france did not help russi

eastern front 1942

former colonies vs the ottomans

american civil war

lotto with an al

the annexation of china

korea vs japan 1900

England vs the works

Europe bonuses FFA

ottomans empire starts early and meets rome

6 player ffa se

watch a ffa for a bit


7 continent

battle of benelux

small earth bomb card and commander

actual Clinton\trump map

USA brawl

1v1 france

under attack!

se training grounds

tough level

English civil war

Japan vs China 1900

the siege of the city!

advanced small earth

3 great empires FFA part 2

German blitzkrieg

brawl 2

you start with the worst

sooner or later you will lose

air the football out

they're out to get you

multi attack split mode

world war 2 ( as axis)

so ur wondering how an Ai does in biomes?

France builds a wall that is useless

Germany invents superhuman: 1944


you to move, mate in 2 (easy version)

European powers war for africa

axis and allies europe 1940

world war one

world war 2 global 1940 in depth

small earth 40 ffa

eastern front 6\22\1941 as axis

the stage is set, the batle lines are drawn

early war: 1939-1940

operation barbarossa

double small earth 3v3

don't give up the ship

Small earth scenarios #2 get 1&4

moderate difficulty

5v1 rise of rome

world war 2 1940 in Europe

wear him down

war zone basics: how to attack (as AI)