Levels by applelicker


Hoist That Rag

Potato Cat

That look of the lioness

Generals gathered in their masses

Daddy Shark

No Sleep Til...

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Just Too Blind To See

3000 Miles of Wilderness

Don’t Look to the Ocean

You Have No Control

Where Everything’s Leadin’


Bedtime for Democracy

Cats in a Bowl


A Change Of Ideas

Found An Old Dog

In The Cold Cold Ground


Of Which Are American Dreams

Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed

I Will Swim To You

Like a Cluster of Grapes

In the River

Just Another Bigfoot

Then to Fade Away

In the Mercy of the World Again

I Worry About The Implications

The Passenger of Yid

An In-Harmonic Whole

Goin’ NoWhere

A Lotta Hay Each Day

Dirt in the Ground

I Thought It Was There, For Good

Harold of the Rocks

You’re Not Rid of Me

I Shake for Eros

On Down The Mountain

And I Melted into a Fluid Named Extinction

Three Thousand Miles of Wilderness

A Planet Supports Only Me

I am bigger than

Not the first, but the others

Into the White

Rags and Bones

Collective Impact

Pick me up at the end of the line

Can I really be the one

Low land high lands this land is my land

Where all my troubles can’t be found

Catchin Sparks Off You

No This Ain’t Not No Bump Don’t You See