Levels by applelicker


Hoist That Rag

Potato Cat

That look of the lioness

Generals gathered in their masses

Daddy Shark

No Sleep Til...

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Just Too Blind To See

3000 Miles of Wilderness

Don’t Look to the Ocean

You Have No Control

Where Everything’s Leadin’


Bedtime for Democracy

Cats in a Bowl


A Change Of Ideas

Found An Old Dog

In The Cold Cold Ground


Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed

I Will Swim To You

Like a Cluster of Grapes

In the River

Just Another Bigfoot

Then to Fade Away

In the Mercy of the World Again

I Worry About The Implications

The Passenger of Yid

An In-Harmonic Whole

Goin’ NoWhere

A Lotta Hay Each Day

Dirt in the Ground

I Thought It Was There, For Good

Harold of the Rocks