Levels by Great Imp.

Fall of The Reich

The Last War

The God Power

Second World War

Spanisch Civil War

Korean War

Operation “C.U.B.A”

Operation “Silver Empire”

Operation “Sleeping Bear”

Operation “Novarussia”

Operation “Orange Rose”

Operation “The Wall”

Operation “Son of Bear”

It’s just a basic Warzone game

Åland Islands strong!

Fall of Dragon

Just easy level

Another Germany Empire

Operation “Rise of Dragon”

Operation “Lion of Africa”


Last Batle, Last War

New Kingdom, New Era

New Revolution, New France

“Begining of Russian World"


Nobody Save the Queen, God Save the People

Let's have some Fun?

Pan-Germanic Union or "Wilhelm II Dreams"

The Most Intresting Level In History

The Darkest Hours

War for Roman heritage

War for Freedom


Second Chinese Revolution

War for Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth heritage

War for HRE heritage

War for Ottomans heritage


First Balkan War

Second Balkan War