just 4's crossword (hard start)

Created by Waka (all)
State: Public
AI: Prod 2.0 with randomness
Went public on 6/17/2016
Number of attempts: 2,146
Number of wins: 731
Number of likes: 97
Record holder: [V.I.W]*mtanzer* in 34 turns on 6/17/2016


Here is my first of the just 4's series, there will be coming an easy and insane on this map as well but it takes a short amount of time to create and see if everything is balanced for the difficulty.

In this difficulty you will be facing a opponent on the 2nd turn already but be aware of your east since there will be coming a player from with higher income then you should have at that point.

Edit 1: 1 of the AI's was missing a commander so added a commander for him