Hero’s Classic Risk

Created by heromedel (all)
State: Public
AI: Prod 2.0 with randomness
Went public on 2/11/2024
Number of attempts: 657
Number of wins: 576
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Record holder: Wade in 11 turns on 2/19/2024


My interpretation of simulating the board game Risk using Warband.

Logic behind my setup:

AI: Risk comes with 5-6 colors of pieces therefore 1 player and 5 AI
My current copy only has 5 colors but 42 territories doesnt divide into 5)

Cards: In risk you can collect up to 6 cards and turn 3 of them in for a growing number of units, thus 3 pieces and 1 card can be saved, because in Risk, once you reach 6 pieces, IE 2 cards you have to turn one
However, you could end up with the wrong pieces such as 2 infantry cards and 2 cavalry but the fifth card always makes a match. So you need between 3-5 pieces after playtesting the average of 4 feels about right.

Each turn the value goes up by one to simulate waiting for other players to turn in cards so yours are more valuable. (Note: the most recent version of risk I bought had an alternate card system based on stars that I didn’t like)

Armies: 3 per turn
100% Luck with normal rounding.

In risk you have a 16.7% chance of rolling the same number as the defender, leaving 83.3% of not rolling the same number and at that point your gonna roll higher about half the time. So that is 41.65% chance to beat the defender on a roll of 1-6 without using the extra die for having more units. (warzone already rolls for every unit) so instead of 60 v 70 it is 41.65 v 58.35. I rounded this to 42 v 58. This of course does not accurately simulate risk dice as in warzone both units can get a kill even if its 1 v 1.

Experimental: One version of placing armies in Risk is each player gets 20 units if there are 6 players and takes turns placing them one by one first choosing territories and the placing units. So I choose to go with picking 7 territories each with one unit and then you begin your first turn with your 3 reinforcements and 13 reinforcement cards. You have to turn in on turn 1, beginning the game with 20 troops and the 3 for your turn. (Please do not save the first card, that's not the intention)

Bug: The first turn won’t play history correctly, just skip or see all.