Luxembourg Empire Part IV: War in America (read d)

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1901, After defeating the European colonies in Africa & capturing huge swats of territory running from West to South-East Africa. The European powers & some independent African states are forced to sign the Treaty Of Tehran.

It established the Luxembourgish African colony of New Clairvaux, a huge territory cutting Africa in 2. It also established the new states of Greater Africa (North Africa), Lesser Africa (Southern Africa), & the Luxembourgish puppet state of Kaapland (South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho & Southern Namibia). Kaapland is a state created for the South-African Boers/Afrikaners as a middle finger to the British cuz why not.

But its 1902 and there is major troubles in the Americas. In New Luxembourg, occupied American & Canadian states are forming militias and have started an uprising in major cities. The US and Canada decided its the perfect moment to attack & they cross the de-militarized borders set up a few years ago take back land. You must put down the uprisings and repell the american/canadian invasions across the DMZ line. Go!