Luxembourg Empire Part III: Africa (read descrip)

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Its March 24th, 1899, After 2 years the Luxembourgish expedition in America was over. The Treaty of Svalbard was signed, the colony of New Luxembourg was established (Islands in the carribbean lost independence, US lost almost all of its East coast including Washington DC,. Canada lost Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, parts of the Maritimes, Denmark lost some of Greenland, Mexico lost Yucatan peninsula).

But the Luxembourg Empire is not satisfied. The Empire is hungry for more colonization, expansion and the spreading of their influence and definitely very beautiful language (that was a lie) around the world. So they look onto Africa. Although they are well defended by the European colonists established there, they wont stand a chance against the mighty Luxembourgish Empire. So on Nov 7th 1899, they set asail to establish the rightful colony of New Clairvaux in Africa...