Boudicca 62AD: Romes Demise

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The year is 62AD. You are Boudicca of the Iceni tribe. Your husband was chief of the Iceni and had ruled the land that his ancestors had ruled for countless generations, he ruled it under Rome as a client state. Upon your husbands death he had willed the nation to your children that you had together, but Rome took this oppurtunity to add the Iceni lands to that of there Roman Holdings in Britain directly. The Romans also lashed Boudicca with a whip, and as well as commited unspeakable acts against the daughters of Boudicca. History is unsure what happened to the daughters after the death of Boudicca, some theories say that they both commited suicide with Boudicca when the Romans defeated her at Watling Street, Britania, but other theories say that one of the daughters went on to get married multiple times and have several children, some myths state that through this daughter King Arthur is descended from Boudicca, but there is no general consensus. The oppression from the Romans led to the Iceni rising up in revolt.
The rebel Britanic people burned Camulodunum, Verulamium, and several military posts. as well as attacking the precurser to modern day London. In total, The estimate is that they killed around 70,000 Romans and slaughtered the Roman Ninth Legion.
The Iceni had allies including the Trinovantes, Cornovii, and the Durotiges tribes, all of which fought the Romans, even though the Romans where outnumbered in our time they still won, but in this alternative timeline you will lead Boudicca and her Britonic alliance to defeat the Romans and unite the British isles.