Future World War III, European Conflicts

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At this point in the future Germany has once again united all of the German people. Russia has conquered lands that at one point belonged to them as well as bringing back both the USSR and the Tsar in a middle ground agreement between growing conservative and communist groups, as well as they changed there name to the Union of the Soviet Socialist Tsarist Confederation, Napoléon XII Louis is Emporer of France and has conquered the UK and ireland and set up Iberia as a puppet nation. middle European nations have joined together and formed Intermarium. Serbia has united the Balkans and recreated an idea of a united south slavic people that extends as well to the Albanian and Greek peoples. The French Empire views German land as belonging to them, Russia views all of the slavic people and eastern Europe as belonging to them, and Italy and Turkey view the Balkans as belonging to them and agreed to split the area up, as well as Turkey has already conqured Bulgaria. The belligerents have unified into an alliance and forced Intermarium, Germany, and the Balkans to form an alliance as well. You are in charge of Germany, defend your nation and bring peace back to Europe.