It is So Hard to be a Real-Estate Mogul.

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AI: Cowzow
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You are a wealthy New York investor, in the year 1969, who is going to look at an old abandoned property for sale. Your assistant Janet, calls and tells you that the Camp site was closed down decades ago in the 40's. You plan to build high income housing on this camp ground.
After you arrive you look around and go into a little Teepee Village, and think to yourself that this old thing can all be torn down and Particle Board houses can be put up at a tenth of what people will pay with this beautiful view. You stumple across a skeliton with a book, the book appears to be the camp ledger. you look in the ledger to find a strange story written in it about a strange man named Mason Ruger coming out of the camps lake and then all of a sudden the students went mad and stole the skeet shooting equipment and then started shooting the place up, but then also the parents came that day and the mothers where all really angry and they kept talking about seeing the manager and they appeared to have green skin and they wanted to eat brains.
You become quit distressed that this might destroy the market value of the property, so you plan on going out and finding all of these problems and fixing them yourself, with your hired goons doing all the work. So your goal is to clean up the camp, so which you might earn a large profit in selling low quality housing to the ultra-wealthy.