WZMC Rules (WarZone Military Community)

Created by {N.W.} Hi (all)
State: Public
AI: Prod 2.0 with randomness
Went public on 1/12/2020
Number of attempts: 47
Number of wins: 46
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Record holder: Word in 1 turns on 1/12/2020


MUST USE 1.3K MAP, No being toxic, no spam, no claiming others lands, you may only claim up to 42 spaces at a time, you use ideas/tech to upgrade your ammount of troops a territory, you have to explain what that item is and tell how it helps you, please be responsible, if you lose a war you lose a war, no biggie, if you get fully invaded, you may enter again a week later, tech and territorys are set back to default then, if you lose a war the person that did the final blow and at least 2 others have to either, 1. not care, or 2. agree. (or both) You may annex any number of territories from a player that lost a war/you were fighting against them, however, this might ruin or increase your reputation in WZMC so do be careful, if you want to gift some tech or land thats fine too. If you want to join contact me via in-game-mail, a level, or global chat. Also follow the Warzone rules! Also no spam, be reasonable, and also territory bonuses do nothing, thats what tech is for! Capitals always get +1 tech. Current players: Hi, Goodgame.