Downfall: A Cold War Story

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As the Soviets Invade Manchuria and the invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa was lost, we are in a dangeorous situation where we have the potential to be invaded. That indeed happened, preceeded by the droppings of 2 bombs of giant magnitude on the most militarily concentrated areas and an invasion of Tokyo, which was repelled with the cost of heavy casualties. America did however, landed in the cities besides it. The Soviets invaded Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. Their invasion of the mainlands are stopped however by the power of the IJN. They did however, gave their soviet influence to us and the idea of a republic with the will of the people poured into it. A few months later, we started a revolution and we are now dominating in Hokkaido. The Emperor had been taken over by Hideki Tojo himself however, and changed its name to the Neo-Japanese Empire. With his military might, he has mustered to power of basically the entire population of Japan to fight against their invaders until their last blood and to revolt against the occupying pigs. His speech was extremely successful and a lot of our members have revolted against us. However, a wave of soviet support and American technologies has arrived to the mainland, and we are now ready to destroy Tojo's Empire. Good luck commander. Workers of Japan, unite!