4chan history of kek war stories pt2 hwndu

Created by frenchpanzer (all)
State: Public
AI: Prod 2.0 with randomness
Went public on 11/5/2019
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Record holder: jandrew in 11 turns on 11/6/2019


your mission is to get the flag in the 2nd season of hwndu aka (he will not divide us ) befareing: we all ready know were it is hidden now the trick is getting it , we are sending you behind the lines to get the flag but your not alone we have sent /pol/, /b/ and 4chan reinforcements. you need to survive till the Calvary can save your tight shitposting ass. but you need to loacte the falg and take it ,scarur the land around it and repeal all enemy attacks kek speed solder PRISE KEK . ps the flag is enemy commander this is my 2nd lavel so yeah