Risk quick gold, no fog, 3 to start, UK style card

Created by rk725 (all)
State: Public
AI: Prod 2.0 with randomness
Went public on 9/8/2019
Number of attempts: 414
Number of wins: 272
Number of likes: 36
Record holder: Dazzle in 8 turns on 9/10/2019


In this latest version, player gets 3 random territories to start, and 1 extra army for every 3 territories owned (these extra armies apply only after the base armies per turn has been reached), and can build city with as little as 3 golds.

Player gets 5 initial AI players, and the gold in commerce (1 gold per army for the first 25 gold, etc.).

This is based on the Small Earth / Easy World / Basic World game (just like in Risk). Hopefully it plays well. In previous versions, the smallest number of turns needed to win was 8 (as of 9/6/19 Friday, on a 2 random territories game). Perhaps this will take fewer turns?

Anyway, give it a LIKE if you like it. I do look at comments so write something if you have something to say about this game.