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Warzone is a free online board game in which players compete to take over the world.

Created, developed and operated by a single person, Randy Ficker, Warzone has since its launch in 2008 become a quiet phenomenom, with more than 12,400,000 multi-player games played so far.

Up to 40 players -- working alone or in teams -- amass armies and attempt to conquer each others' territory. As a turn-based game, Warzone allows players to log in and plot their next move whenever they have a few free minutes.

1,963 hand-made detailed maps are available, ranging from the planet Earth to New York City to geometric shapes and everything in between.

The number of maps is growing every day thanks to Warzone's vibrant user community. All maps were created by players, who also compete in tournaments and use a customizable set of tools to generate endless variations on the core game.

Warzone has been continually updated and added to, about once per month, since its launch in 2008. In the summer of 2013, Randy launched Warzone 2.0. In addition to letting players "level up" and earn trophies and achievements, the game can now be played on mobile devices for the first time. Warzone apps are available on Apple's iTunes Store for iOS devices as well as on Google Play for Android devices.

All of Warzone's apps are interoperable, meaning one user on an iPad can play against friends using a Samsung phone or PC Web browser. For a one-time fee, Warzone members can turn off ads in the game, as well as unlock additional features.

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