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Warzone Classic

Warzone is a free online board game in which players compete to take over the world.

Created, developed and operated by a single person, Randy Ficker (aka Fizzer), Warzone has become a quiet phenomenon, with more than 32,200,000 multi-player games played so far.

Warzone differs from other free-to-play games in that there's no way to pay to get an advantage in the game at all. As such, it mimics a board-game style setting where all players have equal changes to win each game.

Originally created in 2008 under the name WarLight, in 2017, Randy released Warzone (WarLight 2), which added many features while retaining the core game that WarLight built. The game has been continually updated and added to, about once per month, since its launch in 2008.

Up to 400 players -- working alone or in teams -- amass armies and attempt to conquer each others' territory. As a turn-based game, Warzone allows players to log in and plot their next move whenever they have a few free minutes.

2,741 hand-made detailed maps are available, ranging from the planet Earth to New York City to geometric shapes and everything in between.

The number of maps is growing every day thanks to Warzone's vibrant user community. All maps were created by players, who also compete in tournaments and use a customizable set of tools to generate endless variations on the core game.

All of Warzone's apps are interoperable, meaning one user on an iPad can play against friends using a Samsung phone or PC Web browser. Players can purchase a membership to turn off ads in the game as well as unlock additional features.

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Warzone Idle

Warzone Idle is a free online incremental game which puts you in charge of an empire. You start with an army camp that generates armies continuously. You can spend these armies, like a currency, to conquer neighboring territories.

Territories will sometimes be empty, and other times will give you a reward. For example, if a territory has a mine on it, conquering the territory gives you that mine. Mines generate ore continuously, such as a copper ore. You can sell the copper ore at any time for in-game money. You can use in-game money to upgrade the mine to make ore faster, or upgrade army camps to make armies faster.

This is the essence of Warzone Idle. Conquer things which give you more resources, and use those resources to conquer more things and upgrade your resources to get stronger and stronger over time.

Warzone Idle was launched in 2021 and is a spin-off game mode from the original Warzone. Since the launch of Warzone Idle, some refer to the original Warzone as Warzone Classic.

Both Warzone Idle and Warzone Classic were all developed and operated by a single person, Randy Ficker, aka Fizzer

Both Warzone Classic and Warzone Idle can be played on iOS, Android, or on computers through a web-browser. The multi-player components are completely interoperable meaning players can play against someone on a different platform than themselves.

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