Multiplayer Strategy Game

There are currently many different multiplayer games online available for people to play. Some operate using real time strategy, meaning that the players do not take turns or go in sequential order, there are first person shooter games, and many seem to be war games. Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO or MMOG) create an entire community of people with a common interest. In playing this game online, possibly working together or against each other, complete strangers can interact and build alliances. Strategy games require skill and planning, which can be more difficult when working with a larger group of people, or it can be more beneficial because there are more minds working together.

Different Types of Games
Some games involve taking on the identity of another person or group of people in order to accomplish the tasks. There are countless different types of games, ways to play, and tons of people to play them with. For example, the game Dragons of Atlantis is a strategy based MMO game based on obtaining and conquering different areas. It is based on the Legend of Atlantis while incorporating other ideas and more technology. Another example is Terra Militaris, a game based on an intricate trade system between four nations with the ultimate goal being world domination. It seems the most common theme among MMO strategy type games is to acquire the most resources, meaning the player would be in total control. There is typically a city or plot of land, then the players must work to develop it, form armies and plan attacks. In some games, a player must create his own resources by means of farming, creating weapons or organizing troops and managing people. Once a player obtains all the power and resources, he has the luxury of controlling other players or simply winning the game. The allure of these types of games is obviously winning, but also having the opportunity to collaborate with different people with similar skill levels and interests. It is more exciting to play a game with people who share the same intrigue and desire to succeed. The upside of it all being online is that the player can log on at any time from anywhere and contribute to the game, he doesn’t have to be in the same location as his teammates or opponents, they can communicate online.

MMOG Community
Many of the other popular multiplayer strategy games revolve around mapmaking, conquests and battling opponents. Some have a more definitive theme such as World War II, fantasy situations, Cowboys and Indians, role playing, outer space, under water and even more. In these multiplayer situations it is important for the player to participate in the planning because all players within a team must be on the same page and understand what is expected. There are tons of MMO games available online, all slightly different in their own ways but all the while remaining within the same category. Another advantage to these multiplayer strategy games is the fact that there is always someone to play with. Everyone has busy schedules but when dealing with the world of online games, there tends to always be an opponent available to play with or against. It is much easier to coordinate online schedules than it is to get a group together to physically play the game. Warzone as an online game is also much more convenient and fun.