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African template: 7/5/2015 14:46:20

Level 55
Sharing my Scramble for Africa template, if anyone's interested.
African template: 7/5/2015 15:30:29

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
lol i thought this was the Civ 5 Scramble for Africa and got really interested. any way i assume this to be a team game, if not then disregard what i'm saying, it seems really unbalanced you have big players in like slot A and B in the same team, also D and E. and then things like N, R, and P on their own team? (and why is R even there). If i put out a game in this form it would be between team A and B and all of the other teams would just be "neutrals". Also most people won't notice they have land all the way across the map. My suggestion is to do a bunch of tests to see what needs to be balanced.
African template: 7/5/2015 15:58:49

[ESP] Pablo García
Level 58
It can be more accurate, many of that time borders weren't the same as nowadays' ones. I imagine you did to give each big bonus to a player, but still some countries belong to wrong players.

The main ones:

-Cape Verde: It was Portuguese, not Spanish
-Sao Tome and Principe: It was Portuguese, not Spanish
-Mauritius: It was British, not French
-Seychelles: It was British, not French
-(Also you can put Malta to UK or Italian islands to Italy)

Those are the ones you can change without spoiling a bonus, but there are other differences, like British Somaliland, Spanish Northern and Southern Morocco, German Cameroon borders, Italian Libya borders, German Togo borders, British Zanzibar and Pemba islands or British Walvis Bay and Penguin Islands (Hollandsbird) in Namibia.

That's my little contribution :)
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