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problem overlapping: 6/30/2015 08:43:08

Level 57
i am creating some background design for my new map (important: even though it looks like territories they only have an esthetical function). as u can see, object 1 and 2 have the same border. when opacity is set to 100% there is no problem but when it is 50% like in the image, the common border gets darker (since there are two lines, one from object 1 and one from object 2). can someone help me to get the common border the samme color as the other borders?

thanks in advance

UPDATE: i found a work around by setting the color to grey, but it would still be nice to know an answer to the question.

Edited 6/30/2015 08:52:04
problem overlapping: 7/1/2015 09:20:05

Level 55
It seems like this in your editor if you set the opacity to 50%. But in the Warlight will be 0% opacity, so it will seems as you want. You tried to upload in Warlight editor and check how it looks? I think it will be grey and you dont need to do anything.
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