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Most-to-Use Mods for Minecraft [Suggestions]: 6/18/2015 02:14:15

Level 58
Tetris is the best game of all times with its 100 million total copies
[wikipedia : ]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games].

I had played Minecraft before the Nether when it was alpha. I never enjoyed it a lot.

I thought that Minecraft was a survival roguelike dungeon game. Minecraft is rather a creative game, even on Hardcore Mode. Resources are easy to acquire; it is hard to die; basic combat; simple generator and very small dungeons.
When I heard about killing skeletons, mining, building your shelter and exploring dungeons, I thought it would be dungeon focused. Even with the new updates, dungeons are not a major part of the game.

With the new versions, most of the worlds generated are covered in trees and are plains. I remember being more ocean biomes in alpha. I wish the gravel beaches will come back along with the old generation for new minecraft.

Main concerns with world gen : http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/08/30/no-oceans-minecrafts-rebuilt-world-generator/

Another common issue I heard is : too many caves ! The cave tunnels occupy the terrain more AND they are less large than in Alpha.

I discovered some mods. The only mode I used before are : piston mod [2011] (before it became a feature in minecraft) and the vertical redstone mode for easier logic builds.

Best mod list by me :

BiomeSwap : You can change the rules for world generation. If the engine decides to place "plains" or "grass" biome, you can ask it to build an ocean instead. If you would still like to have grass, you can make simple rules like : IF Savannah, pick random between Savannah or Grass biome.

Roguelike Mod :

It started in 2012 and last update is 2015 February.

Greymerk's Roguelike Dungeons :

It is one of the multiple mods that adds proper dungeons (more than 20 rooms). The dungeons are easy to find. You can upgrade skills like in many rpg games.

Hack Slash Mine :

Gives better dungeons.

Ore Generator :

An "appreciated" Forum user wrote many ore generators. It rolls back before the beta update and improves generation of minerals.

Basically, Mojang added new minerals. The ratio of other ores was left unchanged. There is less dirt and rock because of that.

You can make less ores and less caves with this mod.

Made by TheMasterCaver. My favorite forum member.

[ Place Mod Name Here ]

Is there any others mods worth getting ?

I would probably like a mod with better combat , stronger monsters or more weapons.

Note :

I will try Better than Wolves Mod.

It is late so I will give my "updated" list in a few days.

Note 2 : My favorite forum member is : TheMasterCaver. He gives good criticism on mojang forums. And he is a nice guy/girl/chap/fellow.

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Most-to-Use Mods for Minecraft [Suggestions]: 6/18/2015 02:32:12

Thomas 633
Level 56
I will get the Aussie mod where everything is done in Aussie terms (like the machine says g'day, the minekarts are called Holdents etc.)
Also the Iridium one.
Most-to-Use Mods for Minecraft [Suggestions]: 6/18/2015 02:36:47

Level 53
A few of my favorite mods are:
Ex Nihilo (only in hardcore survival maps)
Tinkerer's Construct
Not Enough Items (just to look cool)
Extra Utilities (when with other mods)
Applied Energistics
Botania & Natura

And then of course theres the classic Tekkit Modpack, which is amazing
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