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development of this game: 1/24/2011 02:13:01

Juan Carlos
Level 3
congratulations for this great risk game.
i'm a senior web developer, i want to know about how you did the game... and how you manage to finish it ;-)
i like program games, and i'm very interested about this game, one of the best. to be sincere, create something like this is the dream of my life, so i want to learn from you.

about the tools used, seems to be flash and .NET. is the server based in sockets or web services? the server was created with C#?
about the flash client, use you any framework or only use the adobe IDE for flash CS3?
know you any tutorial or advice to give me?

the others questions are about the tipical problems when you start a big proyect like this. start you alone or with a game company help? seems to be a lot of work for a single person, did you contract somebody to help you? how much time take to finish the whole proyect?
and what about the money?, first you can start working at half time (as a hobby), but later need money to work at full time, and for sure later will need money to pay some programmers to help you. how do you solve all this problems? have any partners or publicity?

thanks and regards
development of this game: 1/24/2011 02:25:51

Level 2
Many of your questions are answered in this blog post: http://blog.warlight.net/index.php/2010/11/technology-behind-warlight/
development of this game: 1/24/2011 13:19:06

Juan Carlos
Level 3
ok, i will put my questions in that blog post
development of this game: 1/24/2011 13:40:52

Matma Rex 
Level 12
I'll pop in in Fizzer's name.

As you could find with some tinkering (I did ;) ), Flash app contacts the server using regular HTTP requests.

Flash client was written using haXe.

Fizzer is developing this game alone and for free - he refuses to even put up a donation page.
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