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Warlight Clan Battles: 1/19/2011 22:30:19

Das Grubens
Level 12
So what if we had a section dedicated to clan battles and rankings?
Warlight Clan Battles: 1/20/2011 00:10:38

Level 36
that would be cool. How big can the clans be?

Maybe we can have Fizzer (creator) create the option to add a clan tag to a name, that way, we don't have to change our actual name at all and if we do, we don't have to change the clan. I think someone should write a uservoice item about clans because i don't see one created.

here is one that could work as well:


This UserVoice item would create Leagues of people and I think that would serve as clans.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2