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Why the rush with coin games?: 6/6/2015 17:40:11

Level 46
I don't really understand what the huge hurry is about with the coin games. I've entered a couple of games now and have lost before the games even began because of getting up to do something for like five minutes while awaiting a challenger. Why do I have to sit and stare at the screen to be ready the EXACT SECOND that the game starts, whenever that may be?

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Why the rush with coin games?: 6/6/2015 17:46:25

Level 60
There is no rush. Most of the coin matches are 3 minute boot + 5 minutes of banked time. That's loads of time. The others are multi-day. Even more time. Just set your computer or your phone to make noise whenever the game starts, then be sure to be in the same general area so you can hear it
Why the rush with coin games?: 6/6/2015 18:25:06

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Exact second now equals eight minutes apparently? I understand not liking the fact that low cost coin games are only real-time but it isn't exactly a hard adjustment to make. If you need to get up and do something then the simple solution is to leave the game and re-join when you have sufficient time

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Why the rush with coin games?: 6/6/2015 20:21:03

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
@Snow, are you getting booted? or are you losing pick position because you don't get your picks in fast enough?

The current pick position needs to be there to facilitate no-luck settings, it is the tie-breaker that determines who get's first pick. There's other threads out there that Fizzer may be looking at changing this.

There is a setting that will not start the game until you click "begin' which will delay starting the timer until you're back at the computer.
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