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Initial Attack Question and Forum Search: 1/19/2011 02:04:21

Level 5
I apologize in advance as I'm sure these have obvious answers.

Question 1. How the heck do you search the forums?

Question 2. Why do I not attack 100% when I attempt to attack 100%? For example, let's say I have 10 armies on a location, I add 5 additional when I initially deploy armies and then specify an attack on a neighboring location using 100%. There have been times when I lose the attack on the neighboring location but have more than 1 army left? How is that possible? If I attempt to attack with 100% of armies and lose, shouldn't I only be left with one army?
Initial Attack Question and Forum Search: 1/19/2011 02:41:41

The Impaller 
Level 9
Attacking doesn't work like it does in the game Risk. You will only lose all of your attackers if there are enough defending armies to capture them all in one attack.


Hopefully that link will answer your questions.
Initial Attack Question and Forum Search: 1/19/2011 13:34:37

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10
if you look close theres a part in settings that tells you kill % rates
for example if 10 armys attacked 10
with 60% att kills and 70 def kills
on average 6 armys will be killed on the defenders side and 7 on the attackers side
but the luck factor can change this alot
also it a good idea to attack with more armys in the normal settings which is 60% att kills and 70% def kills
Initial Attack Question and Forum Search: 1/19/2011 15:36:53

Matma Rex 
Level 12
And about searching, try Google with "site:warlight.net/Forum/" modifier, like this: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Awarlight.net%2FForum%2F+something+something
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