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problem image: 5/30/2015 16:04:20

Level 57
here's what my image looks like in Inkscape:

here's what it looks like when uploaded to warlight:

what can I do to prevent warlight to draw the exterior line?
(also, the exterior line does not even match the size of the image, it's bigger)

Edited 5/30/2015 16:27:08
problem image: 5/30/2015 16:49:09

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 49
very strange. make sure all your territories are not merged with others elsewhere in the map and that they all are completely enclosed by their border. it may also relate to what tool you used (it may think the end of the line to the left needed to be part of the border of a shape), or using grouping which warlight doesn't support so causes bugs.

Edited 5/30/2015 16:51:48
problem image: 5/30/2015 17:14:26

Level 56
Your Inkscape and Warlight looks different than mine. Also I SEE the problem, but don't understand it.

- What is the line that goes southwest causing problems?

- Is it background art or part of game?

- Is it grouped, combined, merged with anything?

- Did you try deleting that part and redoing it, make sure you aren't working in a combination?

- Did Warlight draw the new line or is that line on your Inkscape file too?

- Is the line actually just a line or is it a box that is squeezed down to a line?

Edited 5/30/2015 17:16:51
problem image: 5/30/2015 18:05:13

Level 57
thanks for your feed back, i have found out why this happenend. initially i should have posted the following image:

this is the original svg file from the internet, as u can see, the "unexplainable line" is from the original image but it was hidden in inkscape, i oversaw it. also, i didnt stress enough that i am using it as an artwork and not as playable territories.

thanks again.

Edited 5/30/2015 18:06:56
problem image: 5/30/2015 18:50:42

Level 57
problem image: 5/30/2015 19:17:06

Level 57
no, a map of venice. as i said, its just an artwork for the background.


Edited 5/30/2015 19:18:53
problem image: 6/3/2015 19:32:12

Level 55
the background doesnt fit with the city theme in my opinion. better keep it simple or maybe use the surrounding countrysides. You should also consider to set at least two more bridges over canal grande as well as a connection between 'giorgio maggiore' and 'elena'. Anyways, the map is great and fun to play. I hope you fill get it done soon. =)

Edited 6/3/2015 19:38:17
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