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Changes...: 1/13/2011 18:31:00

w. (The almighty)
Level 58
After playing almoast 1000 games in Warlight i would like to talk about few things that in my opinion could be upgrated.

1) <b>kicking players by admins before the game begins</b>

-The common problem are players that join a game and than forget about it. The game starts and it need to be voted to and or players have to boot the guy and that makes the game unfair from the very beggining
- Sometimes nerdy players join the game and doesnt want to leave even when requested. Its annoying that even an admin cant deal with them, and the game needs to be canceled.

Letting admins kick unwelcome or unactive players would really help a lot

2) <b> Freeze boot time </b>

Sometimes when the game is on the player has an emegrency and need to go from PC for few more minutes. If other players are tolerant they wait but quite often there is one who loves to boot and destroys the whole game.

Freezing boot time, of course only by admin table could work and help in those kind of situations. I could work as a 'double boot time " for example if boot time is 5 minutes, the freeze mode would add nother 5 minutes for the selected turn.

3) Something less important but alsow usefull. Adding a 'beep' sound minute before the time limit ends. I see it myself that sometimes I forget to make a move and the sound would help a lot;)

That's all from me now. Looking foward to read Your opinions about it and hopefully adding my issues to the game;)

P.S this is my second account, of course I dont use my old one, but I just wrote it cuz of the '1000 games' at the very beggining of my threat.

P.S2 Im not a native so pls forgive my any mistakes I surely made;)
Changes...: 1/13/2011 21:27:34

Level 44
admins? you mean fizzer?

extended boot time has been addressed in the uservoice i believe, will get you a link after i come back from dinner, and the beep before boot time could be useful for some people.
Changes...: 1/13/2011 21:51:18

Level 49
I think he means game host.

"If other players are tolerant they wait but quite often there is one who loves to boot and destroys the whole game"

I've just figured out that some kind of voting could be implemented like a third option to direct boot/vote to boot. Game host might choose on the quota of voted for boot (not 100% like now but from 0 to 100%).

Sorry for my grammar, not english-speaking too.
Changes...: 1/13/2011 23:32:06

Level 44
and pretty sure you can remove players before the game begins as host
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