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More details on basic combat?: 7/17/2009 15:20:07

Level 6
Example: Country A attacks country B using 1 army. B has 1 army. Offensive kill: 60%. Defensive kill: 70%. No luck.

There are 2 corner cases here:
1. Does each country's attack round up (from either 0.6 or 0.7) to one army?
2. If so, A has killed all B's armies, but has none left to take it over. What happens?
More details on basic combat?: 7/17/2009 19:25:43

Level 16
This is explained in the help I believe. There is randomness/luck in even 0% luck games. I think he even goes a little into why he did it that way.

There is a little bit of ambiguity in the situation where both are killed in the 1on1 roll, I'm guessing it goes to the benefit of the defender.

This is basically how it works in 0% luck games, if you attack with 10 armies, 10*.6=6, you can kill 6 each time no question. But if it doesn't land directly on an integer then some luck comes into it. If it's 1 army attacking and defending then there's a 60% chance of the attacker killing an army and a 70% change of the defender killing an army, if they both get their kill I think just one attacker dies and no defender (or maybe it does neither dies in that situation) otherwise I think it's clear what happens.

So if you attack with say 5, 5*.6=3, you kill 3, but if you attack with 6 you kill 3 and have a 60% chance of killing an additional army to kill 4 total. Defense works basically the same way. I may have said this in a rather wordy fashion, but the point is it never simply rounds, more armies is always better pretty much. You're never going to put more armies into an attack and get no extra benefit unless you're totally overkilling it whereby the armies would help if there were more armies to be killed. It's either guaranteeing you an extra kill and/or giving you higher odds of an extra kill.

With luck set above 0% it basically just increases the possible range of how many get killed and then it's luck and odds where it lands within that range.

Did that help clear it up?
More details on basic combat?: 7/18/2009 08:15:40

Level 58

Warzone Creator
To answer your first question, they don't round up. There's a 60% chance the attacker will kill the defending army, and a 70% chance the attacking army will die.

For your second question, you're right that there is an edge case that happens when the number of attacking armies is the same as the number of defending armies, as in your example. It's rare, and it typically only affects the situation where you attack a 1 with 1 army.

If both sides roll a "kill", and since every territory must have at least one army, there would be no armies left to control the captured territory. In this event, WarLight simply resurrects one defending army and allows it to retain control of the territory. For this reason, it's rarely a good idea to attack a 1 with 1.

If you hit the "Analyze" button and type in 1, it will be very apparent that attacking with 1 army isn't a good idea. The Analyze graphs do reflect this edge case.

More details on basic combat?: 7/19/2009 10:30:45

Level 6
Thanks, I've always wondered how you handled that situation. I take Warlight playing very seriously, so enjoy knowing the details. I'll never attack 1 vs. 1 again :)
More details on basic combat?: 7/19/2009 21:59:29

Level 36
As a personal rule, i ALWAYS attack 1 vs 1....
More details on basic combat?: 7/20/2009 16:32:35

Level 2
Real men only attack 1v1 ;)
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