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Moral Boost Card Vote Spamming: 1/11/2011 18:40:36

Level 14
Posted sometime last year in the features thread. Not sure if this is the correct place to advertise this or not.

Instead of having a flat rate of 60% attack success and 70% defense success, a morale boost card could add +A% to your chance of attack kills and/or +B% to you chance of defense kills for C number of turns.

Maybe this card could also have a positive effect on your luck as well?

Related Suggestions by les:
Rampage - Offense +20%, Defense -20%
Vigilance - Defense +50%, Offense -100%

Moral Boost Card Vote Spamming: 1/11/2011 22:10:22

Level 3
Oh that's a neat idea.
Moral Boost Card Vote Spamming: 1/12/2011 00:27:02

Level 44
could make things interesting..
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