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Alternate History Diplo Template: 5/25/2015 19:23:31

Level 47
Spent a while making a diplo game template loosely based on the alternate history of The Man In The High Castle, but I just realized I'm not high enough level to use it yet. Whoops. Anyway, I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else wanted to use it. It's not been play tested obviously, so please bear in mind it may have some balancing issues.



After an axis victory in World War Two, the world has been rebuilt in the axis image. In 1950, a cold war is brewing between the two superpowers of the world; the Empire of Japan and the Third Reich.


1. War must be declared one turn before military action takes place.
2. War Cannot be declared until turn 3.
3. Super powers (German Reich, Empire of Japan, and Empire of Italy) cannot ally one another.
4. Alliances are allowed, but international organisations cannot be formed.
5. Any nation which breaks these rules are to be declared PE, and should be attacked by all nations regardless of political position.
6. Roleplay is encouraged. Please remember that a roleplay character does not neccasarily reflect a person's real life political views.
7. Superpowers are asked to only join the game if they are committed to play to the end.
8. If anything needs modifying, or you have any other suggestions, please drop me a line at https://www.warlight.net/Forum/92328-alternate-history-diplo-template

German Influence:
- Slot A: Greater German Reich
- Slot F: United States of America
- Slot H: National Socialist Republic of Newfoundland
- Slot M: Reich Territory of Great Britain
- Slot N: Reich Territory of France
- Slot Q: Reich Territory of Yugoslavia
- Slot R: Afrika Reich Süden
- Slot L: United National Socialist States of Brazil

Japanese Influence:
- Slot B: The Empire of Japan
- Slot U: The kingdom of Thailand
- Slot W: Imperial Protectorate of the Asio-Pacific
- Slot V: Imperial Protectorate of Oceania
- Slot Y: Aboriginal Special Administrative Zone
- Slot J: Asian-America Prosperity Mandate Pacific Zone
- Slot K: Asian-America Prosperity Mandate Atlantic Zone
- Slot E: Pacific States of America

Italian Influence:
- Slot C: The Grand Italian Empire
- Slot O: Afrika Reich Nord
- Slot Z: Italian Mandate of Indo-Persia

- Slot T: Nationalist India
- Slot P: Portugal
- Slot D: Canada
- Slot G: Rocky Mountain Buffer Zone
- Slot I: United Mexican States
- Slot S: Greater Finland
- Slot X: Zion Containment Territory

Anyway, if anyone does end up using this template, drop me a line, I'd be very interested in joining to try it out, and see how it plays.

Edited 5/25/2015 20:03:06
Alternate History Diplo Template: 5/25/2015 19:31:27

Level 53
I've already created one of these a while ago, but I like yours:

A lot of your slots are extraordinarily tiny, and would be difficult to play.

Edited 5/25/2015 19:36:36
Alternate History Diplo Template: 5/25/2015 19:49:24

Level 47
Yeah, I wasn't sure about how that would work out for a diplo game. It would probably end up not working as it currently is. I've done some editing, and it's probably better now. Still, it's good to know there is a credible Man in the High Castle / Alternate History Template out there. Thanks.

Edited 5/25/2015 20:22:12
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