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Suggestion: Defensive/Offensive Territories: 5/20/2015 19:43:04

Made In China
Level 35
Defensive/Offensive Territories are a addition for both map and game creators. They may switch it off or on at will.
Defensive/Offensive Territories do not naturally appear if the map or game creator does not add them manually.
Defensive/Offensive Territories are special types of territories that play a very important role for battles.
Offensive Territories give the person/AI/Neutral who owns the territory a set percentage that boosts their attacking armies' kill ratio, giving them a better chance of winning a surrounding territory if they raid it. However, the boost will only be applied if the attack is played out on that specific territory (i.e Siam is given Offensive Territory status, they will kill 50% or any other percent more armies if they attack any territories that connects to Siam.)
Defensive Territories do the exact opposite of Offensive Territories-They give a bonus to the defending territory-a boost that gives a better chance of the defending player winning the battle. However, that boost does not apply to the whole person's territories, it only applies to the chosen territory. (i.e Siam is given Defensive Territory status, with 50% or any other percent chosen attacking army kills.

This could be useful for games, as it provides more strategic thinking. If Siam is given Defensive Territory Status, the defender will be forced to load up his troops there to defend from the attacking forces, while the attacked will have to think of another way to attack the defender.

Edited 5/20/2015 19:44:56
Suggestion: Defensive/Offensive Territories: 5/20/2015 20:34:16

Level 62
Too overpowered for the attacker and also too underpowered for the defender.
Suggestion: Defensive/Offensive Territories: 5/20/2015 21:16:22

Level 51
I think it could be a fun setting. Not sure about the offensive territories. But if you spread out a couple defensive territories over the map with a 10% more kill rate, it gives an extra demention to the game

So default settings is 70% + 10% on that specific territory, killrate is 80%

Edited 5/20/2015 22:58:36
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