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Player Scenarios: 1/6/2011 23:20:40

Level 44
First, I'd like to suggest to randy to let us click on bonuses while making scenario's to see where those bonuses are owned, similar to when your actually playing the game

2nd, i figured people could post templates to scenario's they liked, if it was possible to share them, for others to try them out via a forum thread.


This one has 24 players, 2 in US, 2 in Africa, 2 in Asia, as evenly balanced as i could make them..
Map: Quad Earth.
Caucasus bonus reduced to 4, West China Bonus reduced to 5. Antartica bonus removed.
Antartica has 10 army wastelands throughout. 100 Army Wastelands in Alaska-Hawaii-Scott.

Cards: Reinforce 10 armies 3 pieces 1/turn weight 0, Spy 7 pieces 1/turn weight 0, Abandon 6 pieces X2, Blockade 4 pieces X3, 30 max cards, 3 pieces per turn.

Idea: InterWorld combat.. namely, begin by capturing your planet then breaking through the wastelands to begin capturing the next planet, and so on.. PM's on by default.

I've only tested it once in single player so far, if anyone decides to try it out, let me know if you have any idea's...

It's a bit unbalanced so far, but not sure how i could realisticly balance it out a bit better.

Randy, one thing i noticed while doing this one. one of the AI's should of kicked my butt, but had 337 armies sitting at a wasteland for 35+ turns, and at one point started gathering armies in Malaysia NE, despite the only thing unowned around it being a 2 army in Western Australia NE.
Player Scenarios: 1/7/2011 20:13:41

Level 2
World War II

I recently designed a simple scenario - an adaptation of World War II. I was pretty surprised to see that some players did like it. That's why i now publish it so that anyone can have fun.

I made my best to balance the strenght of opposing forces, and I think that I finally did it - both sides have their advantages and disadvantages and players must choose their strategies wisely.


They were however players that called this scenario, let's say, "messed up". I verified their statements by seeing the history of their game and in most cases the history clarly showed that they simply made such a horrible mistakes in their strategy that their side should lose from the historical point of wiev.

Cold War 1980

I also present my second map that was intended to represent our globe in 1980 if things went the wrong way. I pretty much like this scenario because of its diversity - the struggle of two gigants (NATO and Soviets) are accompanied by guerilla-style fight.


War of the Worlds

The third map is my epiloque to the famous novel under the same title. I think that this scenario is especially interesting as it involves two completely different strategies, and most players will be very surprised with the outcome unless they plan their moves carefully.


I hope you'll like my scenarios. If so - please do not hesitate to say: thanks.
Player Scenarios: 1/17/2011 02:22:21

Level 10
Korea vs. The World is:


It's been fixed that it's possible even for I'd say average players because I've won twice.
Player Scenarios: 1/28/2011 17:05:16

Level 10
Axis and Allies WWII, 3 vs. 2


It's the most fair scenario I've ever created.

It's 8-7 Axis right now.

I love how people who haven't played this scenario will complain whichever side their on that it's unfair when they lose.
Player Scenarios: 2/19/2011 15:31:31

Level 44
would it be too much to ask for a sticky on this fizzer? or a similar topic..
Player Scenarios: 3/8/2011 02:38:48

Level 44

Meant to be Played 1v1v2v2


3 Abandons per player, 1 gift piece per turn, 3 pieces for card.

this scenario came from my current infatuation with the end game results of teams concentrating too highly on the individual lurking throughout the game.. everytime I've played a team game with myself solo, it seems whoever concentrates on me *least* tends to end up being the victor, and this game was the end result of that....

I don't know, or care how balanced it is.. it was made purely for enjoyment, mine primarily, and I was curious what others thought, and figured others might enjoy it as well.
Player Scenarios: 4/5/2011 20:49:49

Level 10
3 vs. 1 http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TemplateID=92490

Small Earth as I want to test out quick maps first.

Ultimately I'd want to try a 3 vs. 1 scenario on the Britain Map and have Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland fight against England.
Player Scenarios: 10/12/2011 07:26:59

Alexander Jannai
Level 2

To Be or Not To Be

This map has 3 players, Iran, Turkey and Israel.
Map: Middle East.
Iran has 8 territories, Turkey has 7 and Israel has one. The territories are each states' supposedly capitals. the rest are war zones, their strength vary according to the other organizations' power, radicals' fanaticism, demonstrations' popularity and civil wars' frequency.

Cards: Only airlift is availabe. 1/5 piece each turn.

Idea: Well, the idea is quite obvious. The arab spring raised new dictators, which Iran and Turkey quickened to ally with. US army retreated and Iraq and Afghanistan are clients of iran. Russia is aiding Iran and Syrria in it's southern border. Syrria's protesters were killed and suppressed. South sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti have no saying whatsoever in what will happen. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia allied Turkey and Israel is struggling to survive, while occupying the middle east. Enjoy.
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