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suggestion: Display game Name in Point overview: 5/8/2015 13:26:02

Level 56

I have a small suggestion how to make the everyday warlight life a little easier. hopefully it has not been suggested yet, i tried a quick search and found nothing.

It kind of bothers me, if you have a big amount of open games, you often don’t even notice if a specific game was won. What i do in order to figure this out, is clicking my „level » next to my name, where all the won points from the recent games are listed, like
• XY points from game 3456t42356
• XY points from game 430596843
• XY points from game 43563546
Now in order to make this a little easier, i would suggest that, instead of displaying the game number, (which, i guess, no one seriousely uses to identify his games), display the name of the game itself. I’m no programmer, but the basic knowledge of programming i have tells me that this should not be incredibly hard to implement, maybe even only one line of code. And it would really be helpful to keep track of the games that ended.

And If i’m here already, another quick question: does anyone know how to keep track of games in which you got booted? I think that i might just got booted in one, but i have no idea how to figure this out quickly, (and i don’t want to waste half an hour to do so, tbh).

Thanks for the attention, cheers.

Edited 5/8/2015 13:26:54
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