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New Template Idea: 12/28/2010 00:42:53

Stormcloak Militia
Level 4
Here are the basics of my idea:
1. Countries and cards do NOT give any bonus armies, and you receive no base income
2. Every territory you own gives 1 army/turn - basically, your income is equal to your territories.
3. Multi-attack should be on by default in this template

Normally, in a multi-attack game on a wide-open map, you can easily reduce an enemy's income to 5/turn by taking 1 territory from each bonus they have. This makes focusing on expanding pointless because you will lose it in the end anyway, and the game reduces to being the first one to hold a bonus for a couple turns after you start attacking each other.

However, these settings make it so that you get income based on how much territory you have, not how many groups of territories, so the armies/turn you get are much more reflective of how well you are doing instead of being determined by a single attack by the enemy.

I would like to see this made into a template because it takes a very long time to make a game where you have to change half the settings each game, and because I would like to see this template become popular.

If Fizzer doesn't have time to make this exact template, you can vote for custom template saving (an issue already brought up by several people) at http://

Exact details of the template:

Recommended 2-8
Multi-attack on
Default warlords distribution
Automatic distribution
1 territory per player
2 starting armies for each player territory
1 army for distribution neutral territories
1 army for non-distribution neutral territories
0 base armies/turn
0% luck
Bonus army for every 1 territory
No army cap
60% offensive kill rate
70% defensive kill rate
All country bonuses set to 0
No cards
5 minute boot
New Template Idea: 12/28/2010 00:47:45

Stormcloak Militia
Level 4
Where it says "Http://" but nothing after it, it should say: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/1074273-personalized-templates?ref=title

Please visit that link to vote for personalized templates!
Posts 1 - 2 of 2