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New map: Connect four 3D: 12/19/2010 21:58:46

Level 61
Hi, here's my new map:

Connect Four 3D

(also known as "Qubic" or "Space Lines")

Four platforms, one above the other, each with 16 territories.
You get a bonus for every four territories in a row.
Think three-dimensional...

3 distributions for different starts are included.

Have fun and feel free to comment...
New map: Connect four 3D: 12/20/2010 11:29:11

Level 41
Great map, very tricky and challenging.
Good job.
New map: Connect four 3D: 12/20/2010 19:04:24

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10
great map :)
but im never good at these types off things
i would be better at just the normal 4 in a row thing lol
New map: Connect four 3D: 12/23/2010 11:29:49

Level 45
Going for the third dimension... Cool!
New map: Connect four 3D: 12/26/2010 02:45:18

Level 61
Thanks for reassurement.
In the actual version i tried to make all bonuses fair.
And if version 1.2 will get ever public (status is "pending public" since five days) there will be a new distribution for 3 and/or 6 players.
Keep going on having fun with this map!
New map: Connect four 3D: 1/12/2011 15:38:12

Level 5
I really like this map. It gives a great sense of 3-D. Seems simple at first, then you start realizing you have to make compromises between expansion and protection of all your territories.

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