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SEQ and Kuker: 12/16/2010 23:13:25

Level 5
I've started this thread because I want everyone to know about these two guys. They dont know what fair play means.
I played a 2v2 game against them with a 2 min boot time. They weren't strict about the the boot limit and we weren't either, meaning we waited for them, they waited for us and everything was OK.
Then, when they were losing, they use a chance when my mate was slightly late like 10 secs past the boot time and they used it. They booted him BECAUSE THERE WASNT ANY OTHER WAY TO WIN. While we were arguing 90 secs passed. I could have beaten them alone, but i only had 30 secs to deploy and give orders. I didnt make it in time. The bastards booted me too.

So, be warned. Dont play with them in the future. Blacklist them immediately cause they will ruin your game too.
SEQ and Kuker: 12/17/2010 21:54:14

Level 2
Will you please post the link to this game.
SEQ and Kuker: 12/18/2010 01:09:49

Level 3
I don't think anyone would blacklist another player solely on the word of one other player. Now, if we had a link to the game in question we could judge for ourselves.

-Pics or it didn't happen!
SEQ and Kuker: 12/20/2010 16:50:31

Level 3
I will second this. Although I am noob, I just had a not so great experience with SEQ and Kuker. Quite rude.
SEQ and Kuker: 12/20/2010 21:41:31

Level 44
biglee, post the game

go to the game, go to settings and give us that link.
SEQ and Kuker: 12/21/2010 13:54:45

The Impaller 
Level 9
I'm not condoning the "booting to win" mentality, because it is something I greatly dislike seeing. It definitely can sour the otherwise awesome Warlight experience when people do whatever it takes to artificially inflate rather meaningless and easily skewed win-loss ratings at the cost of fun and enjoyable games.

However, with that being said, I want to point out that if you're playing a game with a 2 minute boot timer set in place, and someone boots you or a teammate after 2 minutes have elapsed, there is nothing wrong with that. Presumably, the game was set up with a 2 minute boot timer for exactly that reason. If you go over that time frame and get booted, you have nobody to blame but yourself. If you want more time to think about your moves, then join a game with a longer boot time.

I think a lot of headache would be avoided if people always expected to be booted directly at boot time, rather than expect their opponents to be nice, sporting players who set up a really low boot time but yet have no plans to actually use it. That way, if you go over the boot time and aren't booted, you can be pleasantly surprised. Expecting your opponents to operate on some code of honor not programmed into the game is a recipe for trouble.
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