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Latestest changes: 12/15/2010 10:26:03

Level 45
Wow, this game just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for the latest changes in the interface! They are very useful!

I thought I was getting a bit fed up with it already, but with the new maps and features I'm sure I'll stick to it for a long time!
Latestest changes: 12/15/2010 12:32:33

Level 4
Yes, nice little changes. Especially the concept of a "real-time game".

The best new feature would be templates for games so that I can quickly set one up without having to change all the options.

E.g. I'd set up a "quick earth game with cards" template and a "24 hour USA game with AI" template. etc. I think I already voted for something similar on uservoice.
Latestest changes: 12/15/2010 15:55:09

Level 10
I agree with prince! I love the new changes!
Latestest changes: 12/15/2010 18:03:21

Level 3
It's like Christmas!
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