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New map: VRR & VRS: 12/12/2010 09:05:49

Level 61
Hi, i've made my first map. It's called: "VRR & VRS"

The german VRR is Europe‚Äôs largest public transport association; covering an area of about 5.000 km² with 7.300.000 inhabitants.
The VRS is another one adjacent; also over 5.000 km² and with 3.300.000 people.

The territories are exactly original and nearly all bonuses (depending on counties) also. So are some bonuses with only one territory. That ones are sorted out in the default starting distribution, cause i think this could be an advantage.

A warlords- and a cities-distribution is also included.
At least there is a option where two cities fight. This is meant a bit funny because people of the two (Düsseldorf & Cologne) don't like eachother very much ;-)

Have fun and feel free to comment...
New map: VRR & VRS: 12/12/2010 12:10:45

AI (was: Yook)
Level 14
I think it's a very good map. I played on it and the game was interesting and.. good :)
So I recomend this map!
New map: VRR & VRS: 12/14/2010 15:29:35

Level 7
Hi Metaltubbie,

I just played this map with you and I have a few comments. My first thought is that the bonuses in the south are very large, so if you start down there (as I did) you are likely not to be able to complete the bonus before someone in the north has at least 1 bonus completed and easily able to interfere with your completion (unless they dont know what theyre doing..)

My suggestion would be to split the larger bonuses in half. While geographic accuracy is nice, for the purposes of WL I think it tends to cause balance problems with maps. Not only does it take a long time to get the bonus, but it's almost impossible to defend all the border territories in a map without chokepoints.
New map: VRR & VRS: 12/19/2010 15:51:28

Level 61
Hi Metaphor,
in some points i agree with you and in some not. Nonetheless i changed the map, but only a bit. The reason is following:

I analyzed about two dozen games i played on this map and i don't think that the larger bonuses are a problem; it's just another way playing this map. I had games winning with three different starting areas and i was beaten from people starting there. Okay, one thing is clear on this map: Never ever start buttom right!
But from anywhere else you can win. So i like the geographic accuracy. Also i don't see big balance problems though there were several games where at last two people met with there armies exact at the borders at VRR and VRS - and the situation there was quit even.
So i increased two bonuses buttom-right a bit, but nothing else.

It's free for everyone to start this map with different bonus or manual distribution; that solves most objections and - as i said - you can win from every area except buttom right. I don't think that this is such a big problem. Several nosymmetric maps have those areas (as they are already discussed here in forum).

So, if there are no big grave objections, Version 1.1 will be the final one.
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