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Favourite players list?: 12/10/2010 22:31:42

Level 4
Maybe I've missed this but is there a way to keep a list of your favourite players?

I noticed that there is a blacklist of people you don't want to play against, but my 'invite list' is getting very big and I can't sort it by players I like. Is this possible?
Favourite players list?: 12/10/2010 23:38:20

Level 3
My invite list IS my Favourite players list.

You can set your invite list to manual, so it doesn't just add everyone you play with, and remove players from it.

You can also sort it during game creation when you're actually inviting people. I think there are a few criteria to choose from like oldest player or something. I don't usually need it because my invite list is only about 20 players.

To my knowledge, that's all the control you have over your invite list.
Favourite players list?: 12/11/2010 01:52:30

Level 44
check it out on uservoice, i believe someone already did this, as we had had a discussion going about it in the suggestions area before it was moved to uservoice...
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