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New Multi-attack templates!: 4/17/2015 01:12:37

Level 60
Check these out if you're a fan of MA! I think against strong multi-attack competition these templates would be highly entertaining.

First off, 3v3 Europe. With 4 picks per player and fog, this turned out to be rather messy, but nonetheless the test game was very fun:


Second... Treasure Map 2v2.

Slightly modified from Treasure Map 1v1; light fog with 2 picks per player, instead of 4. I tested this template with a friend of mine, and out of curiosity we decided to experiment with double picking, as opposed to spread picks. Things got hairy when Enervation started right next to the other opponent, but we eventually pulled through. I stand by my opinion that spread picks are probably better on this one, but with only one game it's hard to say for sure. ^_^

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