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Europe Challenge with Multi-Attack: 11/30/2010 03:36:57

Level 6
Is there a way to play the Europe Challenge, or to recreate the Europe Challenge settings, with multi-attack?

I'd like to try it out that way, but when I create a custom game with multi-attack, i can't set the AI-1 to be the Nazis and AI-2 to be the Soviets with the respective territories like has been set up in the Challenge and the airborne reinforcements aren't available.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated. I've browsed through the Forums and Help and have been unable to find anything on this specific topic.
Europe Challenge with Multi-Attack: 11/30/2010 05:33:05

Level 44
no, as of yet, you can't pre-select territories to re-create a scenario similar to the europe challange..

and AI are fail with Multi attack in my experience..
Europe Challenge with Multi-Attack: 11/30/2010 07:00:16

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Perrin is correct, this isn't possible currently. This is something I'd like to do at some point though. You can vote for the feature here:

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