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Post-Namib elite challenge:: 4/6/2015 15:01:46

Level 60
It is possible to get booted in matches, but still win. This is more common in team fights than 1v1, but theoretically it is possible to manage 1v1.

My hypothesis:

Set up a 1v1 with boot set so that AIs take over and do not surrender. Obtain a winning position, then get booted. Pray the AI is not stupid.

This is surprisingly challenging to accomplish, as your opponent may get booted, or surrender early (make sure that surrenders must be accepted by all players).

For team matches it is much easier. Follow the above steps and pair up with a trustworthy teammate.

The goal for the alt is to have a 100% boot rate, and 100% 1v1 and 2v2 with 50 finished games.


Good luck ;)
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