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About Multi-Account Teamgames!: 4/4/2015 18:01:17

Level 12
Old Theme: same questions. As I did not got an answer months ago I try to do it now! Maybe there already is final decision!


Lets keep the opinions to ourselves. Plenty of discussion over years.

First of all lately again so many, mainly in 2vs2, but 3vs3 is common. One player plays under one team with various accounts: most do not even hide it as their dummy accounts are made same day, almost same amount of games played, win rations. @Fizzer is that okey or not? Just that case in mind. Lets leave the opposite team troll-accounts out (that´s why I prefer random teams), as well as multi-account FFS games.

Many players has multiple accounts, yet they do not play with them on same games. But what is the policy against solid manual TEAM A against TEAM B, where either of team one person plays on three accounts. Is it permissible, second if it is should it not be made aware of the opposite team: not everyone has keen eye to notice it and for some team-game means cooperation and human communication factor which is eliminated on the opposite team and seen as disadvantage!

So if it is not allowed? How come there are players who has done this with over a year... 200+ games and still on real-time game lists?
About Multi-Account Teamgames!: 4/4/2015 19:00:54

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Playing multiple accounts on the same team is allowed
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