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Nexus - Trying to create a "Competition Map": 11/21/2010 14:56:43

Level 3

I recently published a Map called "Competition - Nexus" which should have a focus on competition.

The Map is well balanced due to its symmetrical layout.
It is not very large and has just one major chokepoint. I thought that would speed up the matches. Additionally it is not possible that some players gain an advantage by having good spawn-points away from the other players. (As often seen on the Earth map when someone is alone in North America while others fight their fights in Asia)

In other words: I tried to minimize the random-factor. A tactical player will probably win most of the matches.

It has the prefix "Competition - " to be able to categorize more maps which a comp-focus. I thought of creating more of those maps.

It also has a mode called "Destruction Derby" where all players start in the middle and will have to fight immediately against at least 1 enemy.

Would be nice to get some Feedback.
Nexus - Trying to create a "Competition Map": 2/3/2011 01:41:40

Level 54
Hi I love this map, it is one of my favorites.
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