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What if the Middle Powers won World War 1?: 3/23/2015 05:14:42

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I know this frain has been asked here at some point earlier, so I'm answering it proper:
https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=8307015 (Each turn is 5 years)
What if Germany (and the Middle Powers) won World War 1?

(Focusing on Germany:)

Well, it all started with Germany printing off a massive amount of Dutch Gilders and wrecking their economy. Under financial collapse, Holland was easy for the taking, and gave a pathway to Britain, taking it easily by 1922.
Germany also was successful in the Eastern front. Austriahungary actually pulled it's weight, and the Middle Powers quickly allied the (then tiny) RSFR. France was still intact, even in 1922, other than some German incursions on the border.
Meantime, Britain brought all it's forces in a risky move to attack the Ottoman Empire, and it was quite succesful in that area, but once Germany had a good access path to London, it dove in, capturing all army-void southern England in 5 years.
France still held it's trenches and was well fortified, developing chemical warfare to an extremely fine point. But who knows how long that would last? France was on the defence, not on the offence.
At Germany's eastern front, they met with the Russian Soviets. Moscow was untouched, though.

Blabalabla, the war can be considered finished by 1942 (though some fighting went on until 1997)
Find out, make your own story.
(Yes, do make your own story under)
It's quite interesting.
What if the Middle Powers won World War 1?: 3/23/2015 05:45:17

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Second craziest game I've ever been in
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