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Stuck: 11/15/2010 00:38:11

Level 50
I am stuck with a few games I joined a few weeks to a couple months ago. These games have no option to direct boot and absent players are still not making their moves after being nudged a half dozen times or more.

The other problem. There are multiple players who are absent. So, there are not enough players to vote to boot nor to vote to end.

I have even surrendered to get out, but again, not enough people to accept my surrender.

I WANT OUT! Any solution?
Stuck: 11/15/2010 18:03:27

Matma Rex 
Level 12
Nope. Unless Randy/Fizzer finally kills the "Never boot" option.
Stuck: 12/20/2010 20:09:12

Level 36
Stuck: 12/21/2010 04:17:58

Aerial Assault 
Level 60
Removing the never boot option will only be a fix going forward. Since I plan to scrutinize every game and tourney I enter from now on to avoid this issue, and since Fizzer has also added a warning that apparently pops up (I haven't seen it) if you are about to join a never boot game, I'm less concerned about this problem as a future consideration than I am about how to fix games that are stuck now, which is the subject of this question by Sir Frederick.

My UserVoice proposal, asking that users be allowed to contact Fizzer after 30 days of inactivity to request that games become unstuck, is here:


Please vote for this if interested.

Ruthless' proposal is another good one. If we can't get these games removed for whatever reason, at least perhaps we can stop having to see them.
Stuck: 12/21/2010 16:09:48

Level 44
he's had a warning for some time for short duration games, not sure about never boot, since i've never joined one...
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