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What happened here?: 3/14/2015 00:57:57

Level 58

So I was playing the game, not really reading the settings, and then I happen to start right next to this guy. After a few turns of just stacking up troops, I decided that it would be a good idea to just vote to end, until he attacked another territory. Then I was like lol what a noob and then he suddenly comes up with 400 income and elliminates me.There are no extra armies per territory and he got no extra bonus, so I'm very confused as to how he got the 400 troops.

Someone please explain this to me. Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, found out what happened. Basically you get 15 cards per turn you capture a territory and each of them gives 30 units each. I'll be sure to look out for these unfair settings next time.

Edited 3/14/2015 01:03:09
What happened here?: 3/14/2015 01:19:08

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Not unfair, though incredibly cheesy.
How do you play 400+ games and still not know to check settings?
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