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R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: 3/13/2015 16:06:52

Beren • apex 
Level 63
The sun goes down upon the Ankh,
And slowly, softly fades -
Across the Drum; the Royal Bank;
The River-Gate; the Shades.

A stony circle's closed to elves;
And here, where lines are blurred,
Between the stacks of books on shelves,
A quiet 'Ook' is heard.

A copper steps the city-street
On paths he's often passed;
The final march; the final beat;
The time to rest at last.

He gives his badge a final shine,
And sadly shakes his head -
While Granny lies beneath a sign
That says: 'I aten't dead.'

The Luggage shifts in sleep and dreams;
It's now. The time's at hand.
For where it's always night, it seems,
A timer clears of sand.

And so it is that Death arrives,
When all the time has gone...
But dreams endure, and hope survives,
And Discworld carries on.
R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: 3/13/2015 16:13:46

Level 58
He was my favorite author growing up. Rest in peace.
R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: 3/13/2015 16:13:58

Level 55
Death is pretty annoying.
R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: 3/13/2015 19:21:39

Level 56
Yeah Death you shit, why the fuck did you have to kill that guy?!

You shit <.<
R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: 3/13/2015 19:26:29

Level 59
His time did come. It was my duty to take him away. Aren't you happy God? He is now with you.
(Although I have to say I liked his books too...)
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