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New York - Small: 11/5/2010 15:14:24

Level 3
My first map, "New York - Small," is now public. It's quite small, with 62 territories and 15 bonuses. Territories are the done by county, bonuses are regions (with some minor liberties taken to make things more fun). I'd love to hear any comments on balance/look/etc. Being my first map, I'm sure there are some things that I can improve on, so please do let me know if you notice anything!

This map is mostly a proof of concept for a method I am working on to create maps with little to no manual vector editing. I'm working on a much bigger map now -- New York state, but with town/city boundaries as the territories. It will be around 1000 territories. Vector work is about 85% done on that one, so it's the really tedious connections and naming work that still have to be done.
New York - Small: 11/5/2010 15:58:49

Level 2
I prefer smaller maps anyway. Around 50 is fine for my style.
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