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Graphical Problems: 3/10/2015 02:05:32

Level 57
Hallo Mapmakers!

I am working on a Arena-Match-Map. The Bonus-Territories are connected to one part of the stand, symbolizing the cheering of the audience.

The connection of separated Territories creates some "virtual Squares" which are overlapping and jamming the view of the Graphic beneath. The jamming disappears by zooming in or during Testgames by clicking on the affected Territory.

The jamming confusingly changed its position from time to time. Mostly it is in the area "Tribunes III cheer to you" and "Equites VI cheer to you":

Is there anybody out there, who knows how to avoid this?

Edited 3/10/2015 02:14:38
Graphical Problems: 3/10/2015 15:29:27

Level 55
I don't see the virtual squares you're talking about, but it seems really hard to tell which squares on the top of the arena (the cheers) connect to which hexes in the center.
Graphical Problems: 3/10/2015 16:06:35

Level 58
very nice work eloid! Cant wait to play it
Graphical Problems: 3/10/2015 19:01:49

Level 50
I understand what you're talking about. It isn't really virtual squares, it's parts of the territories getting cut off, in a square shape. It's a graphical glitch that occurs when a territory consists of two parts with a lot of space in between, and is also present in the Bangkok and Canada Big maps. When I encountered it, I e-mailed Fizzer about it, and he said it's a Flash error and there's nothing he or we can do about it.

Edited 3/10/2015 19:02:30
Graphical Problems: 3/10/2015 19:42:42

Level 57
Ah! Thanks Moros! (@Sitzkrieg: Moros explained the problem better than me.)

I will try to duplicate the affected Territory on the same place. Then I'll combine them. Maybe the two flats one above the other will add each other.
Graphical Problems: 3/11/2015 01:12:59

Level 56
Vitrix Mortalis is buzzing about this new map the clan request Eliod to make and testing it is a privilge we won't let down!

Thanks again Eliod! :D
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