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Private Notes: 3/5/2015 09:48:50

The Dark Knight
Level 53
think they should be visible in mini profile
for example if Y is an alt of X i should be able to know it without checking the private notes each next time i forget
or if someone is a noob or i just don't like them,or i think they start only in partha in RoR or someone is expansionist,etc i wont check their profile every time i play with/against them
Private Notes: 3/5/2015 13:43:30

Level 59

That would actually be helpful... private notes aren't very player-friendly
Private Notes: 3/6/2015 16:38:05

Level 60
Even if it just colored the private note button (like when someone is a friend). Right now you can make notes on the person and it does not even color the button.
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